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sku: 936896 categories: , , , Project AJ117 Fergie Vest Chalk Stripe

Project AJ117 Fergie Vest Chalk Stripe

Original price was: DKK 1,095.00.Current price is: DKK 547.50.

Project AJ117 Fergie Vest Chalk Stripe

FERGIE er en denimvest med kridt- og sortstriber. FERGIE vesten har en v-hals, to paspolerede lommer, knaplukning foran og elastisk talje bagpå.

Modellen er 177 cm høj og har størrelse M på.

Kvalitet: 100% Bomuld


About Project AJ117

Melting together a bunch of creative people placed in a small house at the Copenhagen Freeport area in 2011, the idea of creating a “state of mind” brand with timeless and everyday essentials with a casual and cool look. PROJECT AJ117 is the brainchild of designer Charlotte Vadum 

Located in Copenhagen with an outstandingly beautiful showroom in a horse stable, we combine the best of Scandinavian design traditions and simplicity with the European workmanship and finishing. Made in Europe is still a strong part of the brand DNA. We love to focus on sustainability and eco friendly production methods.

We all have a crush for delicate, comfortable and luxurious fabrics and new finishings combined with styles that you can jump into every morning and feel sexy and practical at the same time. 

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