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Transit Cotton Pants Beige

Original price was: DKK 1,299.00.Current price is: DKK 649.50.

Transit Cotton Pants Beige

Light loose fit cotton beige pants from Transit, great match with the sneakers or sandals, cotton tank top, light jacket or sweatshirt. Great thin and light material for warm days in spring/summer season.

100% cotton

Model: CFDTRWN230 Beige

About the Transit brand

Transit is born from a creative synthesis between Scandinavian design and Italian hands, Transit offer products born from passion, pride, a clear vision and constant experimentation every day. Transit transform natural materials to make them magnificent objects to look at and wear. Everyday. Transit were born like this, one evening in the eighties, in a bar in the meanders of the Marais. Among the lights and tables, two Danish designers fantasized about their future. And looking at the bright writing above the cashier, they noticed that the last letter was handwritten. It said Transit.

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